1. Fitz

    Thanks Ian.

    Agreed there’s not a ton to take away given the opponents. I will say the defense seems to know assignments better than last year. Longest play given up has been 53 yards and it came when UTSA was down 42 points in the 4th. Last year Abilene Christian was hitting big plays on this defense so like you said, we may be giving up 3rd and 3s but not giving up multiple 40+ yard scores a game.

    • ianaboyd

      They may have made the leap from “useless” to “persistent obstacle” which is actually a big deal. They may be even better than that but they’re probably at least that.

  2. Buddy

    Quick thanks for releasing Flyover Football in paperback. Received it late Friday and devoured it Saturday morning just in time for the noon kickoffs. With the college football world officially upside down (LSU a pass first offense? Yep!), I highly recommend Flyover Football for a great analysis on how it all essentially began.

  3. Andrew


    It seems that Baylor played very vanilla against an overmatched SFA squad, which allowed them to play their 3rd & 4th team guys a bit. The UTSA squad was a little bit better & Baylor opened up their playbook just a bit for them. However, they still played their 3rd & 4th team guys some too. I know after the bye week with the Rice game, the same thing will happen.

    Even then I was a bit concerned with some of the defensive playing, though mostly during garbage time which is mostly nitpicking. Additionally, I was a bit apprehensive of our OL, especially the right side given the lack of true competition like from some in the B12. I had some flashes of the issues from last year & I am not liking it especially as we face Iowa State first.

    That being said, do you think with such a small sample size & very overmatched opponents there is enough data to assess conference play considering Baylor wasn’t pushed much & their OOC matches are really glorified scrimmages? These first 4 weeks are basically extended practices to get his players to gel, get the rust off & be ready for Iowa State (like most others). To me, the Iowa State game will be when we see what you coined the Rhule of law, or at least I’m hoping so!

    • ianaboyd

      Most definitely, we’ll know a lot more after they play Iowa State. You can glean a fair amount from what they put on film against overmatched opponents but the proof will be in the pudding when they face PFPurdy and Campbell’s original inverted Tampa 2 defense.

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