1. Philly Frog

    As I’ve said before….

    G. Patterson would love to line up with a black hole at the nose and 10 safeties.

    The Angry Birds defense.

  2. Will

    For WVU, Stewart will be splitting time with Kwantel Raines, a 6’2, 207 pound former 4 star safety. Reading in between the lines on the coachspeak, he’s probably going to be the primary “spear” on passing downs while Stewart does his disruption thing on standard downs. Raines has gotten positive reviews on his cover skills, fwiw.

    This has not been explicitly stated, but I think that’s how it is going to play out.

  3. Will

    I don’t think WVU is well suited to put 6 DBs on the field right now. As you note, they lost the deep middle of their secondary to transfers. I’ve seen a lot of noise about pressure from the line protecting a thin, young and inexperienced secondary.

    But don’t rule it out. Most of the best WVU writers are behind paywalls now and they may have addressed this. I’ve got two kids and student loans so I wouldn’t know. Both Brown and Koenig seem aware of what’s going on in the conference.

    And props to you for seeing this dime movement coming so far out. Your prescience, and your ability to break this stuff down, is a big reason why I sought out your stuff in the first place and you keep figuring things out way ahead of the game.

    • ianaboyd

      Thanks Will!

      Seems like you can find decent WVU stuff outside of the paywall at times but I don’t look all that often and I’m rarely looking for analysis, just detailed beat stuff so I can figure it out myself.

      At least I think Brown knows what’s up.

  4. […] Last year Rodriguez was Oklahoma State’s best run support safety and he played in the boundary much of the year. This year it seems that they’re going IT2 and will play him as a dime LB and this is reflected directly on their depth chart. This is a true dime, they’ll have six guys on the field that can credibly play a deep zone. [Concerning Sports] […]

  5. System Poster

    Presumably, our dime package somehow involves moving Riko Jeffers to a pass rushing position (he’s listed as an OR at that position even though he’s starting at inside linebacker). From the dime looks Patterson ran at Utah State last year, it seemed to be primarily in third and long looks where the offense was spread wide with two pass rush specialists lined up in wide sevens outside the tackles, a nose guard, and then two linebackers inside. Also an OR at one of the cornerback spots with Demarcus Fields and Des Smith so maybe he brings an extra corner out as his dime? I know he mentioned putting four corners on the field at times during the offseason. Maybe he bases out of that in a more conservative manner against spread-ier teams.

    • ianaboyd

      That’s great for 3rd and long but they need a base dime that is designed to stop the run on 1st and 10. At least, that’s the trend now.

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