1. Jason R

    Beautiful break down! I learned a lot from it. Please, Keep up this type of analysis.

    I’m an OU fan. Watching Clemson’s D really breaks my heart. Oh what could have been!

    • ianaboyd

      At least Grinch is a big step up from Stoops. Seen some positives from him this year and he didn’t have his ideal personnel by any stretch of the imagination.

    • I think Brent was just ready for a new challenge out on his own. Dabo is a great salesman and Clemson is an awesome place especially to raise a family. We love Brent and Clemson nation rues the day he leaves. He’s been such a critical part of Dabo’s success and always has an answer defensively.

  2. Kay

    Interesting article. But “stereotypical white player” and “honky” ?????? Seriously? Totally unprofessional and inappropriate.

  3. Rick Gilstrap

    Answered many of my questions/concerns. Coached college 15 years & high school 18 years. Looks soft, but plays tough on the edges. Got some room to attack C gaps. I’ll get your book.

    • Mark Steirer

      You also played ball. I was just thinking of you a couple days ago. I was a little kid back then but I remember that the lady in the seats behind us wanted Pengitiore to run the ball every play.

  4. joe

    You forgot to mention what isn’t stereotypical about Muse. He doesn’t have great lateral movement and his hips are tight, but the dude can flat out run as noted by him running down Dobbins to save a TD.

    • ianaboyd

      I noticed that, he’s got fantastic straight line speed. But that isn’t uncommon. There are more athletes in this world who are straight line fast than there are that are straight line fast and also laterally agile.

  5. I wish I understood this more. I don’t know definitions of A,B,C gaps and things like that by heart. I’m an engineer and enjoy analysis, but have never really gotten into analysis of football. Might be another way to have fun with it.

    • ianaboyd

      It definitely is if you are a fan of analysis. I’d like to think my book, linked all over this site, is a manageable introduction that balances an easier to grasp big picture view with some technical details. Some people have said that it works on that level, others have said it’s still a bit technical.

  6. Drew

    This is a great breakdown but the inverted Tampa 2 is definitely not the real story. It’s a part of it, but please be reasonable… Ohio State wins by 14 with fair officiating despite this defensive adjustment. That’s the real story.

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