1. Eliseo

    Hey Ian want to let you know that I have heard Coleman Hutzler has emerged as a leading candidate for the Texas linebacker job. What are your thoughts on him? Secondly want to run thought by you. I feel like Tom Herman could be the Texas version of Bo Pelini. What I mean by that is that every season he will winnabout 8 or 9 games, (10 when he has a guy like Andrew back) , but he’ll never get texts to the level of an Oklahoma or an LSU.

    • ianaboyd

      Disturbing thought but totally plausible, imo. Only thing is that Herman is young, so he may have upside or he may need to be fired and go reflect somewhere to reach his ceiling. Or maybe this is his ceiling and he just hit it early.

        • ianaboyd

          I dunno, I’ll look him up more if my guys hear something on it. Working for Muschamp on D is a good indicator.

      • Eliseo

        This year’s The tipping point for me. I think that if given the freedom Mike Yurcich can kraft a championship offense especially with a senior Sam Ehlinger. So if Tom Herman does a bunch of dumb stuff and lose us games. Then I think the writing will be on the wall. The scary thought is by the time we reach that point we might be in a similar situation that Michigan is with Jim Harbaugh where he’s not getting you to the next level but there’s no one really better than him.

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