1. Clayton Davis

    I’m curious how much it will matter. Rewatching the game, OU generally did a lot better than I remembered watching it live. It’s just that Burrow is so good at finding an opening, even if he’s under pressure, that getting into the backfield and having defenders in the vicinity of the receivers isn’t enough.

    • ianaboyd

      OU didn’t do a good job of protecting themselves from bad matchups or getting help against Jefferson.

      • Clayton Davis

        I guess, but even in times when OU did, Burrow still made the throws and the receivers still made the catch, generally speaking.

  2. Joey

    I don’t think Grinch felt like he had 6 competent DBs to put on the field to play dime. He really didn’t even have 5.

    I don’t really understand the Grinch criticism coming from the review of the tape of this game lately. Do you really feel like any defensive coordinator in the country could have put this OU roster in a better position against that LSU offense?

    • ianaboyd

      Shoulda played an extra corner or made sure they always had a double on Jefferson so LSU couldn’t get those gimmes.

      His specialty is out scheming people up front, on the back end he got played.

  3. Eli

    Ian, did you see how far upfield the officiating let LSU get on their rpos? Clip above should be a flag almost every time, and yet it isn’t called consistently. Do you feel like officials should be calling illegal man downfield and offensive pi more frequently?

    • ianaboyd

      A little borderline, you get 3 yards in college. Most defensive fronts don’t get driven so hard and far off the ball. Maybe we shouldn’t hold it against LSU that OU couldn’t hold the point of attack for more than a second.

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