1. System Poster

    Very happy to see your evaluation of Bowman. From just watching his Hudl film, I was worried that he was one of those over-coached high school quarterbacks who had already topped out. Good to know he has some other translateable skills.

    An interesting note, the staff was able to secure some pretty good preferred walk ons. Case Gatlin: https://247sports.com/player/case-gatlin-46039717 an outside linebacker/rush end from IMG Academy turned down P5 offers to walk on at Tech.

    Cade Leggett: https://247sports.com/player/caden-leggett-46035346 a receiver prospect turned down other D1 offers to walk on at Tech as well.

    Interesting comparison for the 2008 offensive line. It’s amazing how stacked the big 12 was back then. Rylan Reed was a first team all american (two publications) but only a 2nd team all big 12 player. Same with Brandon Carter (one publication). Hopefully the Big 12 can get back to that level somehow.

    I’m pretty high on DeMarcus Marshall, except I’d like to see him at the nose. I have no idea if that move is in the cards, but I would love to see it.

    Last thing, off topic, but I would like to petition for a recount on the Darren Sproles Waterbug Tiny Person of the Year award. At the combine, Keke Coutee came in at just a hair under 5’10, which I believe would qualify him for the award.

    • ianaboyd

      RE: the 2008 OL. I think maybe the B12 coaches who voted were a little wiser to the game than the national writers who were more enamored with the insanely low number of sacks allowed.

      That Tech OL was legit good, but they were a little more one-dimensional than the OU bunch and I think Russel Okung was in the league that year along with some other good tackles.

      To your point: the 1st team had Jason Smith (future NFL player at Baylor), Phil Loadholdt (future NFL player at OU), Duke Robinson (mauling guard at OU), Trent Williams (Future NFL player at OU), Adam Ulatoski (Texas LT, probably could have been lower), and Russel Okung (future NFL player at OSU). That’s like three different first round OTs. Insane.

      Keke Coutee vs Marquise Brown is tough, I’ll have to take that into consideration.

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