1. Matt

    Good stuff Ian, I agree with about 50% of your takes but still enjoy your thoughts. In particular, I disagree with you on Green. I don’t see him as a fit at all in this class and in Grinch’s scheme. I do think Roberson has the highest upside of any of the DL though. He’s going to grow in to a B gap player and is going to be a terror with his athleticism. I’m a little unsure about Stripling. If he can develop the power to play inside, I think he could be good but limited at end. Also agree with you on Hicks, he has to grow into a tackle, he seems pretty limited in terms of movement skills at end.

    • ianaboyd

      6-5 DTs who can move laterally are a fit in just about any scheme.

      OU has been bringing in solid raw traits for years now on the DL without much to show for it.

      • Matt

        You’re overrating Green’s athleticism. He played in a small school division in NC. He overmatched all of his competition.

  2. S.Steel

    Not a bad write up until…. You thinking Riley isn’t capable of getting all 3 of these WR’s on the field at the same time to produce and the fact 1-2 of the 3 will transfer, lol. So the best offensive mind in college football made a mistake by recruiting the exact same type of WR? Man if only you were on staff to inform him that it wouldn’t work out.

    • ianaboyd

      Wouldn’t be a reflection on Riley so much as the difficulty in getting blue chip WRs to buy into roles that aren’t what they expected.

  3. Chris R.

    Thanks for the breakdown Ian. I always enjoy your independent analysis.

    Even though you are a UT fan it seems like you really enjoy analyzing what Riley does on the offensive side of the ball.

    • ianaboyd

      Riley is a great offensive mind, of course they’ve been pacing the nation in innovation on offense for like two full decades now.

  4. William

    Interesting to read a take on OU recruiting that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows…

    I agree that the staff has kind of thrown a bunch of DE’s against a wall to see what sticks. Definitely need a solid DT class (and maybe some transfers) in 2020.

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