1. System Poster

    Great read, I look forward to this every year. When you were tweeting about McIvor the other day I started to get antsy with anticipation.

    I’m not sure why he made it private, but at some point Simon Gonzalez had a public Hudl. But it sounds like what you managed to find was more useful since his highlights were almost exclusively him lined up wide catching passes.

    The word is the staff recruited Dadrion Taylor to play defensive back, which I hate, because like you, I really liked his running back tape. I’m also not sure if he’s fast enough to hang at defensive back, so maybe they eventually move him back. Speaking of defensive backs, it was definitely an area of need that was targeted by the previous staff but really the one area where the incoming staff didn’t do a great job holding onto commits with three defensive back flips after the coaching change. And also in letting Steven Parker get away to Kansas.

    And spot on with your evaluation of Alante Brown. That’s exactly what the staff has said they plan to do, but seemingly with the emphasis on running back since he was the only running back take in this class.

    • ianaboyd

      Oh interesting, helps to have Taylor at DB. I’d try him there first as well if I were them. He’s a good athlete who’s not afraid to stick his nose in the scrum. I bet he’d be rangy at safety.

  2. Travis

    This seems like a pretty good initial class for Wells.

    I like the idea of the Big 12 expanding its recruiting roots. If Wells, Campbell, and Brown all know what they’re doing, and they’re going to pull from different parts of the country. Could really help improve the overall quality of the league.

    I’ve had a hot take for years now that the future of Tech was somewhat bleak, but it hasn’t really come to fruition. My initial idea was that I knew a lot of people (I’m from central Texas) whose academics weren’t good enough for the top-tier Texas schools, and were deciding between going to Tech, one of the UT system schools, etc. Most of them chose to go to Texas State or something along those lines, and for good reason: why go all the way out to Lubbock when you can go to San Marcos for essentially the same education?

    But it seems like as long as the permian basin is producing, Tech is going to have plenty of money to be good at athletics.

    • ianaboyd

      A google search tells me that Tech’s enrollment numbers are doing excellent. Maybe it’s just that Texas’ population is so big now that even if tons of central Texans are opting to stay in that region (I did, first to UTSA then to UT Austin) there’s plenty more that will opt to go west.

      And yeah, the west is booming, so they could be in good shape.

  3. Matt

    What were your thoughts on the TTU-Ole Miss game last year? I haven’t watched the whole game but in quick cuts I’ve seen it looks like Tech went in with the new age big 12 approach of pass defense with 3 high safeties and Miss went in with the SEC approach of playing tight aggressive coverage. It seems like that game could be an interesting case study since Ole Miss runs a semi big 12 offense.

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