1. Clayton Davis

    Have you heard noises about Creed Humphrey moving to tackle? Because I have never heard of this idea from anyone associated with the program or tasked with covering it.

    • ianaboyd

      Nope. That was an idea I had when I heard Brey Walker was taking slowly to tackle and had taken snaps at guard.

      But you don’t do that if you’re struggling with depth at center beyond the stud (Humphrey). Also, with a rebuilt OL against the sorts of blitzes you see these days your center is almost like another tackle in terms of making sure that the interior picks things up properly. You don’t have to be a great athlete for that but you do need to know the system well. So I don’t imagine he’s moving and I can understand why it wouldn’t be coming up.

      But if they lacked good tackle play then it would be silly not to consider moving the 6-4/320 pound stud outside if you could afford to.

  2. Lenny

    I don’t get the Boo Radley pet name. And after reading this write-up, regarding the defense, you clearly spent more time reading fictional books than on the athletic field.

  3. Will

    Off topic but the WVU spring game is here if you’re curious about what looks to be a 5-7 win conference opponent.


    Kendall’s arm is not impressive. I think if WVU is lucky, he can turn into Skylar Howard and hit on some bombs while being an efficient read-option runner. DLine looks really good I guess.

    • ianaboyd

      Someone has to fill out the bottom and all three new head coaches are putting together strong audition tapes.

  4. Matt

    May want to keep an eye on Jon-Michael Terry. He looked really good in the rush LB spot in the spring game. On separate he occasions he beat Ealy and Swenson on pass rush snaps and then in the run game he consistently held the edge. The craziest thing is that he also looks really fluid in coverage, sticking with Nick Basquine and Brooks each on separate occasions. The new staff may have finally found a role for him.

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