1. System Poster

    I followed that twitter argument a bit. I think there was a difference in understanding about what was meant by athleticism. There’s obviously a big difference between testing numbers and what shows up on the field, especially when it comes to running the ball. My go-to example for this is that Pat Mahomes and Nic Shimonek (and also Davis Webb and Baker Mayfield) had virtually identical 40 times and other testing numbers. But there’s no question that Mahomes is a better athlete and was a better runner than Shimonek and same with Mayfield over Webb.

    So I guess I would say you’re right that it’s pretty obvious that Sanders was a better runner than Duggan last year and to the extent that Duggan grades out as a better athlete in SPARQ score or whatever, it’s because there’s something that SPARQ isn’t catching or doesn’t have the ability to test for.

    Though with that said, Duggan was also a true freshman and Sanders had a year in college. I’ve seen plenty of quarterbacks look lost as runners and get obliterated as true freshmen and then look like different dudes with a year of experience and weight training.

    • ianaboyd

      Yes to all that, but Sanders’ sparq scores are really bad and clearly bogus. It’s known he had a big injury, his combine/pro day results will bear this out.

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