1. Joey

    Very interested to see the Texas vs LSU matchup this weekend. Based just on the box score, which can be very misleading, LSU looked dominant. I don’t really trust Burrows to pick apart that dime defense tho.

    Honestly, I have a hard time seeing UT struggling with anyone this year in the big 12. After watching Hurts last night, I just don’t see him being able to move the ball through the air on a competent defense. Sure he racked up stats last night, but the offense looked clunky. Also, I thought it
    was very obvious how undersized OU was
    on the perimeter last night. Once King got
    the ball outside, OUs dbs had issues
    shedding blocks and making tackles. Front 7 looked better tho.

    How many carries do you think ehlinger has this weekend?

    • ianaboyd

      Probably 12-15, contingent on a few factors.

      Texas’ dime, if they can continue to sort it out, will be immensely helpful this season.

    • Chris R.

      Rule #1 is don’t extrapolate too much from week 1. Remember OU replacing 4 OL.

      UT lost to Maryland last year and beat Ga in bowl game. As I said…be careful of week 1 judgements

  2. Mike

    I think you’re still selling Hurts way short. He’s a very coachable player who has been working hard to get better and you write about him as if you expect him to be the same QB he was two years ago. Sooner (ha!) or later you’re going to realize that he is much improved as a passer.

    His imperative in 2017 was not to make mistakes and to let Bama’s suffocating D win field position. Now, his imperative is to maximize each possession.

    • ianaboyd

      I just still haven’t seen the quick-reading and decision-making Hurts people are describing. When you hit your first read on play-action against a bewildered and overwhelmed defense that’s not filling in the missing ingredient that would have staved off Tua.

      • Clayton Davis

        He may improve during the season. Murray had a remarkable debut last season, but he actually improved over the course of the season. And “better than Tua” is not a bar he actually has to clear for OU to be successful.

  3. Clayton Davis

    The thing about the ISU game – what if a better, more talented team is able to cause the same trouble? And then pulling out the creativity isn’t quite enough to claw back to victory? We’d need to see more to call this a trend, but more games like this and they won’t finish 3rd in the conference, much less be in the running to win it.

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