1. Jim

    Today I learned that “leathality” is a word.

    Granted, I’m not sure I’ll ever use it myself, or read it again in a cfb post….but never the less-

    Thanks Ian ?

  2. Andrew


    With the strategy that UT is trying to do these next few years, what are your odds that they look for a new HC the next year or 2?

    I have to agree with you about Brown being better overall to Wells. Not sure how long Wells lasts TBH. Brown’s teams will be a big problem these next few years if they continue to make improvements. He is a really good coach.

    BU has been a bit of a ? mark these past few years with so much staff turnover, changes in culture and player development, and schemes. Hopefully, Aranda stays a while and BU can have some stability. Then, I think we can find out what he wants to do & how.

    Do you think TCU will actually make the jump on O? If I was an O player I wouldn’t even consider them with how badly Patterson continues to handcuff that side of the ball. He reminds me of how Rhule did the same many times at BU, but Patterson is even worse because he’s been at it so much longer.

    • ianaboyd

      Matt Wells has a Charlie Strong vibe to him. His success at Utah State that got him the Tech gig was built on 3 things.

      1) A pressure system of D that is an iffy fit to the Big 12.
      2) Taking troubled transfers from other schools looking for a second chance to boost their talent beyond what their recruiting rankings would suggest.
      3) David Yost coming in and saving them by boosting their offense in a major way.

      Charlie Strong’s Louisville deal was based on:
      1) A pressure system of D that was an iffy fit for the B12.
      2) Loading up with South Florida kids where he had a lot of connections and knew how to eval. This only partially translated at Texas.
      3) QB/OC coach Shawn Watson really made a lot of Teddy Bridgewater and gave them an offense to pair with their great D.

      Yost is better than Watson and is already translating better to the B12, so at least Wells is 1 for 3 in Lubbock. Charlie was arguably 1 for 3 as well since he recruited okay to Texas, but Charlie drove off like 3 big time OTs and never found a Teddy Bridgewater so it didn’t work.

      TCU on O could go a lot of different directions next year. Their QB is back, that’s good. They brought in Jerry Kill to direct the O, which could boost them in a major way but could also crush them when he’s trying to direct Air Raid coaches from off the field. Their skill talent is taking some big Ls, as is the OL, so that’s rough too. I could see them swinging hard in either direction and it making sense.

      “Oh, Duggan got a lot better in the offseason and TCU worked out a better way to build an offense around him with their young talent. That’s why they’re pretty good this year.”

      “Wow, TCU doesn’t seem like they have a cohesive identity and none of their skill talents really scare anyone. Duggan may not last the season the way he’s running for his life right now…”

      Both seem pretty plausible, right?

  3. Jason R

    Great article. Now I’m not a big NFL guy, and I’m a noob at a lot of football stuff. But this line cracked me up “ Baker Mayfield (looking shaky) ”. Imagine working for so long and then blam drafted by the Browns. I never realized that something could be so exciting and still be a bummer.

    • ianaboyd

      Oh yeah, I don’t begrudge the QBs that try to force their way to landing at better franchises.

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